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Anti -WTO demonstrators fly the flag upside down and prepare for confrontation with Seattle police.

300 of the estimated 30,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle dressed as sea turtles.

A riot-equipped Washington state trooper escorts the proverbial little old lady across the street as police cordoned off 40 square blocks of Seattle.

Nonviolent confrontation was the tenuous rule in the streets of Seattle on the first day of the meetings of the World Trade organization.

To illustrate a reporter's journal kept on his flying experiences over the course of a month of travel.

The common pear photograph to reflect the quality of a painting.

Photo illustration for Dave Barry's gift guide of stupid Christmas gifts. Bob the security bear. Sleep soundly knowing that Bob is it worth protecting you.

A school of fish swim beneath the oily pollution in Ballona Creek, near Marina Del Rey, California, where a cleanup effort is underway to stop an oil leak from an underground pipeline. The reflective thing at top is a metal drum lid.

Adelie penguins usually try to stay far away from killer whales, but in this case their curiosity won out. Luckily, they didn't become dinner.

When eye laser surgery to correct nearsightedness was finally approved by the federal government there was an explosion of eye surgery centers intent on cashing in on the lucrative procedure which takes minutes to perform yet costs thousands. One…