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Little Linda crawled into the wicker bed of Tippy, her friendly Shetland collie--and fell asleep. Tippy, who doesn't seem to mind, watched the child with patient loyalty.

Young boy who is eating corn on the cob.

Mother putting false teeth in her son's mouth.

Five-year-old Alan Schmidt turning up his nose at an ear of corn offered him by his mother Mrs. George L. Schmidt. Alan likes corn but his teeth were extracted after a case of whopping cough. But when a newly acquired of false teeth are placed in…

Boy getting drink from water fountain.

Arthur Crosswell, Marshall, N.C., made this bull's eye on campus of Montreat College, Black Mountain, N.C..

Cat headshot.

Don't give your right name, boys! is what Stormy Dawn, 7-month-old Siamese feline could very well be saying as she peers through a front-door peephole.

Boy Scout George Phillips, 13, visiting a statue of Abe Lincoln marking Lincoln's birthday today and starting of boy scout week.

Two men boxing.