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View of an old time church and church yard.

Aerial view of a large older church. Has a lot of steeples and ornamentation on it.

Children asleep on the stairs at a store. They have been Christmas shopping.

Little girl who is very angry because she is being ignored.

Young boy leaning against a window. It is raining outside.

Four young girls playing out side and jumping in the air.

Phew! says Mrs. Robert L. Jordan, as she holds up her daughter Carol's clothes before burying them and tries to remove the smell of skunk from her daughter.

You can almost hear the gears spin in the young mind of 15-month-old Desnee Sampson in the top photo as she watches her cat drink milk. 'Why couldn't I do that,' she doubtless asks. There being no answer, she proceeds to try the stunt with remarkable…

Little boy pinching his top lip with a pair of plyers.

Girl cutting up paper.