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The fiery crash of a speeding passenger train and a loaded oil and gasoline truck at as crossing east of Kalamazoo resulted in nearly a million dollar damage, and, a ,miracle no one was killed.,

Car that crashed into the side of a building.

Car that has skid through the snow and ice.

Small child looking at front of car that has come in the top of the celler.

Man sitting in the front seat of a crashed automobile. Rescuer looking in the car.

Major Donald Adams' plane disintegrating in mid-air. This dramatic on-the-spot picture was taken during the Air Show, in which two were killed.

He was found about noon the next day in a neighbor's house, where he had fallen in the coal bin through an open window.

Joe Hoey, 8 of the Bronx, learned how it feels to be a ,wallflower, the hard way when he squeezed himself into this almost unbelievable 9-inch trap between buildings at 3663 and 3665 Third Ave. to recover a ball. The pressure was on Joey for 30…

Woman being held by an older woman and man.

Three-year-old Louis Morales is comforted with ice cream cone by a policeman while another officer wields a hacksaw to free him from a fence.