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Crowd at a high school football game.

Amusement park distorting mirror puzzles youngster, New York.

Homeward bound at sundown. Shopping completed, Amish hurry back to their farms...and their peaceful life.

Airplanes trailing smoke.

Aircraft carrier Philippine Sea Carrier docked. The background shows the city lights reflecting in the water.

Small boy waving at large aircraft carrier that is getting ready to sail.

Young woman walking from the barn carrying a pail. Special citation for print quality.

Two young girls at scene where their sister was hit by a truck.

Crushed bodies of LIRR commuters riding first car of Babylon express (light-colored car) lie tangled in wreckage of their seats after their car rammed under rear coach of Hempstead train (on top) at Richmond Hill, Queens.

An unidentified woman, pinned in this wrecked window frame for more than an hour with a man sitting on her lap is finally lifted from the wreckage. Throughout the ordeal the woman remained calm, supporting herself in an upright position by hanging…