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At an opposition rally the crowd passes around symbolic coffin of Manuel Noriega.

Each meal for this young boy is fed to him through his mother. The meal is almost in liquid form.

Desperate Kurds in the mountains of Turkey run to the first American helicopter to land with food and water, while a few American soldiers try to hold them back.

Agent Orange, the herbicide used to defoliate jungles in the Vietnam War by U.S. forces, continues to claim human victims in Vietnam two decades after its use. Young children have been born with stunted limbs, non-operating digestive systems or…

CANCER ALLEY - Kathy Landry jumps on a trampoline in the front yard of her home in Sulphur, Louisiana. The Westlake plant has been releasing toxic gas for years.

Guiermo Ford pleads for his life with Panama Defense Force soldier during beating by members of Dignity Brigade.

CANCER ALLEY - Holy Rosary Cemetery in Morrisonville, LA with Taft Chemical in the background.

This young man needs help in everything -- his mother has just given him one of the day's meals.

Anti-government demonstrators cower in fear while being shot at by Panama Defense Force soldiers.

Veteran Nguyen Hun Thanh was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.