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CANCER ALLEY - Oil refinery in New Sarpy, LA. January 2001.

CANCER ALLEY - Ms. Prince, diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, lives next to the Condea Vista PVC facility in Mossville, Louisiana. She's sueing the company for damaging her health.

At pro-government rally a giant poster hails Noriega as the savior of the nation.

Le Thi Nhon is one of the estimated 500,000 Vietnamese children born with birth defects related to Agent Orange.

Guiermo Ford is beaten by iron bar wielding thugs, members of Manuel Noriegas' Dignity Brigades during a march protesting the annulment of the May 7th election.

A father and his young son admire a gun at the National rifle Association's annual convention.

CANCER ALLEY - Monica Gibbs held by her father outside their trailer in Convent, Louisana. She has suffered from resperatory problems since she was a baby. Sometimes she brings her respirator to school.

Panama Defense Force soldiers take positions to block the way of demonstrators on anti-government march. Moments later the attack the crowd with shotguns and teargas.

A kiss is given to a young boy who is living in the consequences of Agent Orange.

The aftermath of a typhoon on the southern Philippine island of Leyte.