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Picture shows a glass of champagne surrounded by grapes.

Two elderly women putting flowers on a grave in a cemetery.

Photograph of a woman dancing at the Hawaii Statehood Celebrations.

This picture was made during Milwaukee's part of the seaway celebration 'Inland Seas'. After mock landing on beach, public was allowed to inspect equipment, this Milwaukee Fraulein chose a member of the landing force as her target.

This Hereford steer has just come up after a thorough dunking in a 4,400-gallon dip tank at the Monfort Feed Lots, Inc., near Greeley, Colo. It is one of 25,000 head of cattle being dipped in pesticide to halt an outbreak of scabies at the giant…

John Ford, seated outside Greenwich Village Humane League, 40A 8th Ave., reads Mirror story on launching of four mice in missile nose cone as one of League's feline charges scans sky last night for glimpse of dinner-laden satellite, which is now…

Photo shows a tight head shot of a cat.

Castro eyes tiger before patting big cat at Bronx Zoo.

Picture is a portrait of Fidel Castro sitting at a desk where his image is reflected. Published in Holiday Magazine.

Portrait of Cardinal Cushing.