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Abandoned baby smiles for policeman.

Tossed from ring by Tony Rocca (left) Lord Leslie Carlton, after clambering back, climbs ropes to launch his attack. Crowd of 14,286 paid $42,311.86 to watch Rocca end His Lordship's 140-bout winning streak with series of flying kicks to the head.…

Flung from the strong shoulder of Blonde Gene Stanlee, the Mr. America of the wrestling ring, Antonino Rocca straightens out for a three-point landing. Seconds before, Stanlee brough Rocco to a mid-air position, even with the ropes, before turning…

Picture of a young woman carrying a notebook.

Picture of highway during a dust storm.

Woman walking out to out house in the middle of the winter.

Waves hitting some rocks.

Comes the dawn, a humiliating dawn for the mighty battleship U.S.S. Missouri, held prisoner in the mud of Hampton Roads. Delivering another blow to the pride of the 'Mighty Mo' are the little tugs she would disdain to notice and who are now striving…

Wine waiter carrying two handfuls of wine glasses. Looks very dignified.