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Series of photographs of Sunday boaters out on the lake.

Photo shows people canoeing on a lake.

Photo shows one racer is being pushed out by another racer in a boat race.

Series of photographs of a cross-country bicyclist. Shows him riding his bike and greating a woman at the end of the ride.

Closeup photograph of a bicyclist.

Portrait of David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel.

Bees building hive next to a posted building permit.

Photographer says, 'The long, hot weekend. The 'reel' way to insure tot's safety at Rockaway. Photograph of a mother who has hooked a fishing line to her tots diaper. When the tot goes too close to the water, the mother just reels the tot back to…

Two young girls in the pool with hats on their heads. No information given with this photograph.

Series of photographs of a coach and his reactions to the last four minutes of a game.