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Aerial view of massive parking lots filled with cars. Appears to be near a beach.

Crash that occured during an automobile race.

Photograph of a large crowd gathered on the top of a building. They are looking up toward the sky. Apparently Mr. Khrushchev is in a plane above them.

Series of pictures watching Nikita Khrushchev during his visit to the United States. Photographs show everyday people and their reaction to the Premier of the Soviet Union.

First photograph shows a woman looking at a painting. Second photograph shows the outside of the Guggenheim Museum.

First photograph shows several floors of an art museum and people standing and examining paintings. Second picture shows a woman examining a piece of sculpture.

First photograph appears to be the dome window inside an art gallery. Second photograph is a painting hung in the gallery. Someone is standing behind the painting.

Series of photographs of people's reactions to a sculpture at the art museum.

Series of photographs of art collectors.

Series of photographs of art collectors.