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Two service men sitting in ditch watching General MacArthur and a parade of dignitaries above them. Crowd watching the same scene can be seen in the background.

Vishinksy and Gromyko during a United Nations Assembly.

Harry S. Truman holding a baseball glove and baseball.

Billy Austin, 5, watching his mother, Marion, testify to the killing of her husband Vincent. She shot him while he was sleeping.

Woman standing on stage with men building the in the background.

Street in Paris.

Woman reading a storybook to a group of children.

Adlai Stevenson sitting and working on a paper. View is from below and you see the hole in the bottom of his shoe.

A deputy sheriff and two women aides carry Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens from house during MIchigan's famous eviction battle.

Two women walking in a graveyard, crying.