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Aerial view of a water skier.

Looking headless at the start, the skiers traveling at full speed become ghostly forms making their wavering way overhead. The skis stand out clear and sharp, slashing the watery roof with wakes which from below look surprisingly the way they look…

Photograph of a bottle being brought in with the tide.

Ice built up along the reefs in the water.

Photograph of ducks swimming on a lake at sunrise.

Old Ironsides on one of her very few trips to Boston Harbor.

Photograph of a battle ship on the water. A tunnel runs underneath the water and ship. No information given with this photograph.

Plumes of molten rock climb hundreds of feet into the air during spectacular blow-off in Kilauea Iki crater.

Picture shows a volcano erupting.

Judge John D. Voelker, known to his pals as Johnnie, wrote 'Anatomy of a Murder'. This is a series of pictures showing Voelker in his hometown, the actors making a movie from his book, and finally Voelker joking with friends on a street corner.