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Photograph showing a village that has been nearly wiped out by a tidal wave. People are milling around inspecting the damage done to their homes and businesses.

Photograph of one girl lying on the track with her head between the rails of the track. It appears that her head has been chopped off by a train. A second girl is underneath the track with just her head showing. The intention is for her head to look…

Woman stands out in front of what used to be her home before the hurricane hit. The roof and one wall has collapsed.

Small child being bandaged by a first aid worker.

Young boy having both his legs completely bandaged. No information given with photograph.

Photograph shows one police officer holding school books of a young boy who has been hit by a train. In the background men surround what must be the dead boy.

Boy's ice cream cart deliberately hit by hot rod teen agers.

Man lying on the hood of his almost totaled automobile. Two men are trying to help the man.

Young boy all bloody from the airplane crash being helped by an older man. A woman holds an umbrella over the boy.

Two boys sharing some candy. They appear to be sitting on rubble from an accident and their clothes are all torn. No information given as to what had occured.