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Lieut. William Vendetta is now an Army Combat photographer in the South Seas. Photo shows two dogs looking at each other.

This white-haired, 93-year-old veteran symbolizes the past as he salutes Old Glory in the Memorial Day parade while riding in a jeep driven by a representative from the Flint WAAC recruiting office.

This shot of Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis was made at the World Series opener in St. Louis in October 1943.

Picture taken the split second the century-old Presbyterian church wall began to collapse. Warned by shouts of hundreds watching the blaze, the firemen flee the scene in Erie, Michigan.

Miss Brush writes, 'This was a lucky shot with no other intention than having a picture of the panda in the St. Louis Zoo. It seemed he knew I wanted to take his picture.'

Twin fawns born to the Nilgai antelope pair at Washington Park in Milwaukee. Twins are uncommon, among the Nilgai, natives of India.

Two bandits chased by policemen, boarded a crowded street car in their attempt to escape. In the ensuing battle on the moving street car, both bandits were shot and killed among the terrified passengers.

This little girl is one of 140 children of pre-school age given diphtheria immunization and small pox vaccination.

Polish women praying in church on anniversary of German attack on Poland.