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Michael, 12, and Kathleen Alex, 14, standing in the snow in mostly borrowed clothes, sadly stare at the smouldering debris of their home furniture. Their two-story brick home was almost destroyed by fire that broke out. The children's grandmother,…

Photograph of a man who has been hurt in an automobile accident.

Series of photographs showing a group of children who were hurt in a traffic accident. One boy was riding a tricycle and young girl appears to just have been hit by a truck. Woman is crying over the children while paramedics and police try to help…

Child lying in the street hurt. He has been hit while riding his tricycle.

Staring at covered body of her sister, Martha, 3, Sonia holds head in anguish. Martha was killed when car, mounting curb after collsion, struck her tricycle near her house. Two older sisters were hurt.

Photograph of Charles Van Doren being interviewed by press.

Photograph of young debutantes getting ready for the ball.

Farmer Garst expresses disapproval of the crowds during Nikita Khrushchev's visit to Iowa.

Photograph shows the many policemen it takes to guard Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev is not in photograph and appears to be in one of the many automobiles that the police are escorting.

Mounted presidential guards provided colorful escort for President Eisenhower and Paskistan President Muhammad Ayub Khan, riding in Karachi procession during Eisenhower visit Dec. 7, 1959.