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Blackened hand of a man who appears to have burned in a fire. No information given with this photograph.

Young girl has just been told her brother has drowned.

Young boy holding his dog. In the foreground a vet is preparing a shot for the dog.

Photograph of rows of identical houses with their small yards and electrical wires running from them in exactly the same place. Shows the lack of individuality and crowded conditions in some areas of the city.

A woman in shorts getting ready to cross a street. Near her is a middle-aged couple waiting to cross the street.

Series of photographs showing debutantes and their dates at a debutante ball.

Photograph of a debutante dancing with her date at her 'coming out' party.

During a lull in the filming of the television show, John Brown's Raid, a group of actors stand around waiting for the next scene to be up. The poses and costumes produced this Mathew Brady type picture.

Three soldiers on R&R in Japan.

Photograph of an officer getting ready with the help of his wife and daughter.