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CANCER ALLEY - The 'Shell Playground' in Norco Louisiana. Children play on swings across from the plant. The air is so heavy with fumes it always stings your eyes.

A young boy's meal is prepared. His mother feeds him each meal.

Guiermo Endara pleads with soldiers to let the motorcade pass moments before being attacked by the Dignity Brigade.

A quiet stare hangs on the face of this Vietnamese girl.

Vice Presidential candidate Guiermo Ford is beaten by iron bar wielding thugs from Manuel Noriegas Dignity Brigade during a march protesting the annullment of the May 7th election.

CANCER ALLEY - Ms. West with portrait of her Daughter who died of Ovarian Cancer. She blames the industrial plants all around her for her daughters' desease.

Tasaday Indian holding a club made of wood and a large stone.

Examining the relationship between Agent Orange, dioxin, and birth defects in Vietnam.

The Tarahumara Indians of Northern Mexico live in the rugged Sierra Madres. Most of them live in caves in the highlands to avoid white men called 'bearded devils' in their language. They barely survive on meager crops. Infant mortality is 80…

Cameroon’s pristine forests are being destroyed by logging and the roads cut, turn small towns into rivers of red mud.