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Yogi Berra hugging pitcher at the end of a perfect game. First perfect World Series game. No information with photograph. Same moment caught in photo enset titled 'Leapin' Yogi'.

Photo was taken from behind the batter, looking toward the pitcher just after he threw a ball.

Baseball player appears to be storming off with the ball. No information on the photograph.

Ken Boyer, star of the game, makes sensational stab of Kuenn's first inning line drive bid for a hit, he also weighed in with three hits.

Fight between a batter and a pitcher. No information given on the photograph.

Series of pictures of action along the baseline during a baseball game.

Four vocalists of the Brooklyn Dodgers are serenading a trio of umpires over a disputed play between the Dodgers and Pittsburgh PIrates at Ebbets Field. The men in blue listen with customary equanimity as coach Billy Herman, manager Walter Alston,…

Series of photographs of two ball players in a fight. No information on how the fight got started. Subset title for this photograph, 'Bean Ball--Socko!'

Series of pictures showing two baseball players in a fist fight.

A Pittsburgh pirate baseball fan is hit in the nose with a foul ball (he had hoped to catch) after it bounced off the dugout as Pirate catcher Hank Foils runs into dugout rail. New York players in the dugout duck for cover.