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As though fire itself weren't enough, firemen battling a 5-11 fire which wrecked four war plants, found an equally treacherous foe in the 5 below zero ting which buttoned a brittle ice coat over equipment and anchored hoses to the ground.

Mrs. Nellie Proctor prays for the release of Charles Proctor who for twenty-three years had not disclosed to her that he was an escaped convict. Arrested June 2, 1943, Proctor faced extradition to Indiana when this picture was taken in the Los…

Eddie Rickenbacker, ace of WW 1, testifies before the Senate Military Affairs Committee.

Smoke in the distance from the Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp. Refinery, completely obscured by fog. Shot from atop KVOO studios only the smoke and the spires of the Boston Ave. Methodist Church and the Holy Family Cathedral to the south were visible.

Mary L. Jameson hugs her granddaughter in tearful farewell as the child's mother, Mary Lou Holly, tugs at her after the LA County Superior Court had awarded custody of the girl to Mrs. Holly.

Female defense worker on assembly line.

Buried to his neck in debris, battalion chief, Arthur Barcal, was trapped when the floor gave way in a blaze which cost the lives of nine firemen.

Emanuel De Angelo identifies his father's body at the Cook County Morgue. The body had been stuffed in the luggage compartment.

Boat launch in the Chicago River.