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Margie McElroy and Frank Branca overcame difficulties to share a farewell kiss before overseas training cruise of maritime school cadets.

Series of photographs of men who are unemployed.

Photograph of Mr. Truman looking very smug.

Harry S. Truman standing next to Maria Callas.

Photograph of a line of trucks moving down the highway. The first truck has the following message written on it, 'Faith in God Will Guide our Way.' The message is split in half with a large 59er's.

Tramp sleeping on a railroad track.

Cow standing by pole that six signs have been posted to. Signs read from top to bottom, Slow Damn It, Children on Bikes, Cows, Dogs, Cats, Mice.

Photograph blurred to indicate speed of the runners being photographed.

Photograph of unidentified runner covered with mud leaving the track.

Photograph of a man and two indians carrying turkeys. Photograph is symbolizing the pilgrims, indians and the first Thanksgiving.