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An irate Detroit property owner loudly booed members of the veteran's committee who picketed a meeting of Michigan property owners where rent increases were discussed.

Despite the absence of flame, when this tragic picture was taken, it shows a smoke filled house in which four children lost their lives.

$2,000,000 fire which swept Muskegon's business district.

Believed dead ten months after his plane crashed in France, Harry T. Brundidge, III, was greeted with joy when his father met him at the pier in Boston.

Sun was exposed from 7,15 a.m. at intervals of approximately fifteen minutes, using infra-red film with a red filter. Photo shows lunar eclipse.

The camera was screwed to a plank across a window behind the dome of the St. Louis Cathedral to show all of cathedral during service for St. Louis Cardinal. Photographed by Arthur Witman and Jack Gould.

Shooting at Queens-Midtown tunnel . Police officer with gun drawn stands over a wounded bandit.

Macklin 'Porky' Hall is seen trying to crash the picket line during the Warner Brothers strike. Mr. Hall received a terrible beating in spite of the protection proffered by the police officer.

Made Sept. 21, 1945, at Madison Square Garden.

Frustrated suicide of former Jap Premier. This photo shows the bleeding Jap immediately after he had shot himself.