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Among the older people, forbidden Voodoo, a strange mixture of Christianity and African magic, still keeps its hold. A priest and a worshipper perform a ritual dance in the picture.

Photo shows a man and a woman seated in front of two microphones. The man appears to be blind.

In some areas attempts to revive the Klan met with curiosity as much as fear. Photo shows a black man looking at robed Klan member.

Small boy looking at a puppet.

Two children looking at a marionette.

The prisoner is the Atlanta taxicab driver whose cab struck and killed Margaret Mitchell, author of 'Gone With the Wind'.

Jail doesn't look very good to Mickey Cohen.

A wedge of motorcycles precedes the Presidential Party as it makes its way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

Truman looking up in the sky through binoculars while Eisenhower looks up towards the sky too.

Attending the Army-Navy game, President Truman told photographers, 'I suppose you'd like to see how I look when I cheer,' and he struck this pose. White was the only photographer alert enough to get the picture and the President declined to pose…