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Photograph of a young boy hanging onto the back of his teacher.

Quemoy gobbles 1,000 tons of military and civilian supplies a day. Convoys from Formosa brave the enemy barrage or capitalize on lulls in firing. (2) Communist guns give Quemoy villagers a fourth crop--Shrapnel, which they sell to the Nationalist…

Photographer says, 'The all clear sounds. With candles snuffed, cave dwellers quit a bunker. Villagers sometimes spend entire days in shelters. This young woman enjoys a breath of air between attacks. The wedding ring follows Chinese custom.'

Photographer says, 'Here hotel guests gather for sunning, swimming, flirtation, lessons in cha-cha, general conversation and the fun of watching their fellow vactioners' antics.'

Photograph taken underwater of a boy swimming towards another boy.

Girl doing the breaststroke.

Photograph of the steel mill at night.

Dr. H. L. Pote and N. W. Le Vora study Martin model of home for man in space.

Series of photographs on the men who began space research.

Series of pictures on the lifestyle and everyday activities of the Russian people.