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Photograph shows four children scaling a stone wall.

A boy makes toilet holes and decorates them with small chips of stone.

East Jerusalem barricade to control stone throwing by Palestinians.

Photograph of two men sitting in the window of an ancient structure that has faces carved throughout the stone.

most wooden markers are gone, but the stone monuments in the Guerrero Viejo cemetery are still standing.

Stone throwing Palestinian demonstrators confront Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

While pro-Aquino supporters stone government troops, a priest in the middle pleads with them to stop.

Picture shows four men behind a stone wall with rifles. A dead man with arms outstretched lies in the foreground.

The legs of Greg Lemond which drove him to winning the Tour de France (shot for Rolling Stone).

Photograph shows two gravestones. One of the stones has tilted and is touching the gravestone next to it. Gives the impression that one stone is carressing the other one.