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One of the boxers in the photo (Pete Mead) appears to have his head removed by Harold Green.

Tony Janiro shows joy of victory as his opponent, Beau Jack, shows pain while being carried to his cormer. The Beau's Broken kneecap had not healed sufficiently to weather the pugilistic storm.

A fragile, beautiful yacht is helpless against the surging waves, unless the antlike men can muster brawn and ingenuity to save it. In his matter-of-fact presentation of this subject, Mr. Henle's close approach endangered his camera.

The fireboat, Deluge, of the Baltimore City Fire Dept., displays her ability to throw water.

Massillon's only blacksmith puts finishing touches on a plowshare. Mr. Zwick has captured the feeling of an 'art' that once was vital to the American way of life.

This picture was part of a story for the Saturday Evening Post of a canary-raising plant in New Jersey. Seven-day-old birds 'look better' and are easier to work with than older or younger ones.

Shot from the floor to exaggerate height of basketball players, this picture 'freezes' an exciting moment. Action and facial expressions make this an unusual sports picture.

This picture is acclaimed as 'one of the greatest ever made during a world series game.' It shows Al Gionfriddo making the spectacular catch which saved the day for the Dodgers, forcing the 1947 series into the seventh game.

This great action picture symbolizes one of baseball's wildest moments.

Joe DiMaggio, Jr., son of the great Yankee star, puts on his uniform in his father's locker room, prior to a world series game in Yankee Stadium.