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Ignalina produces 81.5 percent of Lithuania's electricity, the highest percentage of electricity produced by nuclear power plant anywhere in the world.

The brain mapping of Lokhmatov Vlacheglav. Vlacheglav is one of the men who volunteered to go to Chernobyl immediately after the explosion to clear the area of radiation.

The sarcophagus that was built over the destroyed Chernobyl reactor No. 4 contains extremely high levels of radiation and is showing cracks at the seams.

After several weeks, life in the NATO camps took on an air of normalcy.

A lone protester takes on the riot police as thousands protest Megawati's of loss to Gus Dur for president of Indonesia.

Students hurl rocks and firebombs at police as of riots spread throughout the capital of Jakarta.

A curious girl shakes German soldier's hands in the town of Prezren.

Macedonian soldiers with batang intimidate women at the Blace border in no-man's land between Kosovo and Macedonia. The Macedonian authorities didn't want an influx of refugees in their backyard.

Newly arrived street children at the provisional detention center receive a meal passed through an opening in the locked door of the cell where they are quarantined. Omsk, Siberia. November 1999.

Tata hurries back from the drug spot past three of her sons and their friends. She is trying to the necklace that she holds in her hand