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Man from the audience trying to get at one of the wrestlers in the ring.

Ray Thunder springs off the ropes to land atop Bibber McCoy during their wrestling match at Madison Square Garden, Nov. 26, 1953.

This happy quartet from Glasgow get their feet up, while on holiday on the beach at Aberdeen.

Portrait of an unidentified woman.

Portrait of an unidentified woman.

Picture of an unidentified woman.

The romance of the year was that of Prince Rainier of Monaco and lovely Grace Kelly, of Philadelphia and Hollywood. The world sighed gustily when they were wed in Monaco, first in civil ceremony and then in Monaco cathedral. This photo was made as…

Photo shows boy in middle of 'ice garden' created by freezing rain.

Man climbing on mail box to see the street sign. It appears to be very foggy.

People standing out in front of a fire. It is snowing heavily around them.