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Two elderly women holding dolls.

Elderly woman holding two loaves of home made bread.

Woman in swim suit and ballet slippers bending over as if she is doing exercises. On the floor in front of her is a weather gage from a local company. It is obvious that it is very hot. No information was given with this photograph.

Young boy getting instructions on how to carry the end of the bride's wedding veil.

Picture series made in downtown Kansas City on extremely windy day. Woman lets go of a pole and is almost blown away.

Old man driving a cart through a snow storm.

Men walking away from a plane in snow storm.

Picture of someone's feet. It appears to be a hot day and someone has stuck their feet out a window to keep cool.

No caption. Photograph shows a couple holding umbrellas pointing to paintings on a sidewalk with umbrellas over them.

A speedboat towing a water skier on a sun-flecked lake southwest of Denver is the subject of this camera study. Photograph is an aerial view.