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Two wrestlers. Wrestler on bottom is pulling on the trunks of the wrestler on top. The trunks come down. No information available on this photograph.

Ted Williams talking to an unidentified man. No information given with photograph.

A storm-buffeted windmill is a rallying point for cattle, their hides caked with snow, as they endure a stinging blinding ground blizzard in a pasture bordering U.S. highway 85 about five miles north of Nunn, Co..

Picture shows a woman running across a street full of cars in the rain.

The pigeon was found frozen to a wire on top of a building in downtown Kansas City, MO., by the phtographer who thawed the bird out and released it after the picture was made.

Picture shows a man on two water skis flying through the air.

Water skier who has just let go of the ropes.

Photo shows panorama of people in water.

Photo shows boat in marsh.

Picture shows young men playing volleyball.