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John Liepa, 75, repairs a handcarved mahogany chair. Liepa, a displaced person from Latvia, has no handicap. His age and languge difficulty made him eligible for work at Goodwill.

Woman trying on hat and looking at it in a mirror.

Photo shows an elderly woman dressed in black sitting at a table.

A woman dressed as 'Daisy Mae' posing in front of a mirror. She is also standing on a mirror and her figure is reflected in these mirrors from all angles.

Picture shows a man with an oxygen mask, helmet and gloves tossing a cat into the air inside an aircraft.

Photo shows a woman throwing her bouquet to a group of women at the bottom of a staircase.

Aerial view of the crowd and photographers at Jane Mansfield's wedding.

Woman walking through the snow.

Man sitting outside drinking tea in the middle of a blizzard.

This picture was taken to illustrate cold, damp weather just before spring.