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Photograph of a cemetary at night.

Series of interiors of Cave of the Mounds.

Man helps young camel to its feet.

Portrait of Lou Burdette

Photograph of many different kinds of breads.

Sugar Ray Robinson (right) connects with a solid left hook flush on the chin of Gene Fullmer in the 5th round of their middleweight set title bout here, May 1st. The smashing blow seperated Fullmer from his senses as well as the crown. He toppled to…

Aerial view of a boat that has broken in half. Back end of boat is starting to sink.

Someone feeding a baby bird a worm.

Portrait of Miss America.

The biggest hoax of the year was pulled off by Leona Gage Ennis. The fairest fibber of them all. After winning the Miss U.S.A. set title, she broke down and cried when it was discovered that she actually was married and the mother of two sons.