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Picture shows the St. Louis Municipal Airport at dusk. Picture was used in St. Louis-Globe Democrat Sunday Magazine.

First photograph shows a man walking to an Air Force aircraft. Other photographs are of the airplanes in flight.

Photograph of an airplane being refueled during flight.

Man driving a wagon filled with hay followed by a large herd of cattle. More cattle are grazing on pastureland in the background.

Light reflecting on a ladder used in an acrobatic trick.

Train has hit and destroyed an automobile. In the foreground a railroad employee is looking at his pocketwatch.

Fellow workers maneuver to free Emory W. Godfrey from a pole after a metal chain he was handling came in contact with a 4000-volt power line yesterday. Godfrey was still alive when lowered to the ground and was given oxygen, but was pronounced dead…

Series of photographs showing a young boy drowning. No information is given as to whether he survives. Photographs also include reactions of the people watching the rescue attempt.

Man picking up wreckage from a jet that has crashed into a garage.