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This picture was made at a professional wrestling exhibition. One half of the 'Wild Samoans' tag team glares at the crowd in the middle of a heated battle.

A young wrestler being picked up by his neck by his coach.

Wrestlers come in all sizes--from 400-pound Erland van Lidth de Jeude to 114-pound Dennis Odenbaugh. But even bigger guys can be beaten by other big guys. Lidth de Jeude was pinned in the first round at the National Amateur Athletic Union Wrestling…

Randy Miracle gets a grip on teammate John Meola as the two are at the opposite ends of the wrestling weight classes on the high school team. Randy is a heavy-weight and John wrestles in the 95 pound weight class.

Ceremonial guard--high school girl at WWII Memorial in Russia.

An Iranian woman in traditional Moslem dress stands in front of a poster-portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini. Soon after his return to Iran, the Ayatollah ordered that Moslem women 'must be clothed according to religious standards,' a dictum that angered…

She's come a long way. A woman cadet and graduate of paratrooper training takes charge of a platoon of West Point plebes.

Julia Chenault joins in on her favorite instrument as the old folks' kitchen band plays 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' during the Denton Senior Olympics.

Still living in the ways of the past, a woman of St. Barts wears a traditional bonnet and pauses from her weaving to look out the front door. She is a descendant of the fishermen who left Normandy and Brittany in France to tle on the tiny Caribbean…

George Murray and his wife Karen run marathons with their arms. Both compete in marathons throughout the country including the Boston marathon which George won in 1978.