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Confessed slayers of child. The alleged kidnappers of six-year-old Bobby Greenlease, abducted nine days ago in Kansas City, answer questions in Neadstead District Police Station in St. Louis, Oct. 7. Little Bobby's body was found by the FBI in a…

This is the sight which met eyes of police when they responded to a holdup call in La Sota's Jewelry store, 2372 Broadway. Open safe at right, window and shop were looted of about $25,000 worth of gems by three stickup artists who then bound up Paul…

Victim is being carried off on a stretcher. Capital can be seen in the background.

Police take information from kidnap-murder suspect.

Man shot to death after he refused to give up his gun.

Policeman holds gun on suspect who is lying on the ground. Subset title, Blazing Guns.

Policeman pleads with a man to throw down a gun. Subset title, A Pleading Officer.

Appears to be a man confessing to a crime. No data given on this picture.

These two youths are shown seconds after being captured holding up a grocery store. Suspect is being searched and has his pants down.

Cop's pointed gun 'freezes' a gang on the hot sidewalks of New York. They were among the five captured in safe cracking and burglaries at 230 W. Houston Street after being trailed for months. Grounded and spokesman for his cohorts is Joseph Navarra.