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Series of photographs about a small girl playing in her father's office. She plays with the typewriter, filing cabinets, telephone and pencils on his desk. Finally, she leaves to go home holding her father's hand.

Young girl swinging in a swing.

Two children playing in the snow.

Photograph of three children from the slums.

Photographer says, 'A person could look out the window Thursday in Des Moines and know if he is really getting old. If the sparkling ground cover of snow and the flakes swirling down made him think of shovels, bulldozers and skidding cars, he is…

Young girl holding her doll and staring out the window at the rain.

Photograph of a boy covered with freckles.

Three boys watch with glee as a girl plays in the mud.

Two young boys dressed in basketball uniforms that are too large for them.

Photograph of a young boy with his head stuck through a fence.