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Young boy standing in what appears to be an office.

Four young boys looking into a car window.

Cheerleaders crying at game when their team lost in the last few minutes.

Aerial view of a military cemetary.

Rows of graves for those who died in the Phillipines.

Tuffy who does mousehound duty at the Bronx zoo was frightened out of several of her traditional nine lives when she investigated this hole and found herself looking into the face of the biggest, ugliest 'mouse' she had eer encountered. The 'mouse'…

Photographer says, 'The cats' name is 'Issacc' and he belongs to my sister. I noticed that after eating fish Issacc was very expressive. I thought a good closeup might convey his satisfaction.'

Old woman and her cat.

First picture is of a young girl looking at her stomach. Second is of the same girl holding a tiny kitten.

Two pictures of the family watching the mother cat and her kittens.