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Lady broke down when she came back with her husband to flooded home. The $35.00 a week laborer lost everything he had when a rain swelled creek near by flood his 3 room house. Picture was taken at night and the house lights were out. Flashlights were…

Three small children huddled in a blanket. Their house is on fire behind them.

Man running from a fire.

An unusually-lit shot of workers and rubble.

Fred Hasenack (facing camera) grips his step-son, Donald Zaruba, near car in which Mrs. Hasenack was killed Friday morning on U.S. highway 287 south of Lafayette. Third man in scene, who helped with the rescue work, was not identified. Stepfather,…

This frightened little girl has just been struck by an automobile. Many hands comfort her as she waits for ambulance. Her shoes were knocked off by impact.

Photograph of a man lying in the street. Policeman is kneeling by him. Man appears to have been hurt in some type of accident.

Series of photos show the rescue of a man from an overturned truck.

While the Doc is waiting with the hypodermic in his hand, the little girl has a man to man talk with the dog before the inoculation.

Vice-president Nixon shaking hands with a small boy.