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Leaving the burning building, dog in arm, the woman carefully closes the door behind her.

A miner's wife maintains a hopeful vigil eight hours after the Centralia, Illinois, coal-mine explosion which claimed 111 lives.

John Foster Dulles and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, United States delegates to the United Nations, listen to Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky attack Mr. Dulles.

A page for future historians, this picture symbolizes the great international importance of the United Nations decision to portion one of the most historic countries of an ever changing world.

President Harry S. Truman became 'the man behind the lens' when members of the Washington Press Photographers Association gave him this 16mm movie camera.

President Truman wins the popularity vote of American colony children in Rio de Janeiro during his visit to the Foreign Ministers' Conference.

This remarkable picture embodies the rare view of judge, jury, prosecution, defense, the accused, and the spectators. Taken during the Overell yacht murder trial, it portrays the traditional 'American way' of achieving justice.

The Mirror's caption said that blood pressure rose and chins took a drop as transport workers heard some unflattering words during a transportion hearing.

It was a very hot midsummer afternoon and the old fellow in this picture had cut out the back of his shirt for comfort. Where from, whither bound--he just didn't say.

Betty Hilton of the British team has her face framed in Doris Hart's racquet during the Wightman cup matches.