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Series of pictures on the aftermath of a tropical storm. Photograph shows the flooding in the streets.

Series of pictures on the aftermath of a tropical storm. View of the town after the storm has hit. Buildings are wrecked and the town is flooded. No information of where the storm took place is given with the photograph.

Frank Carroll of LaSalle Military Academy, has a real problem as he tries to clear bar at five feet eleven and three fourths inches during CHSAA's 28th annual track and field championships at the Garden. Frank failed to clear the bar in this…

Photo of an athlete releasing a hammer in a hammer throw.

Relay race where one of the runners has lost his shoe. No information given with this photograph.

Cross country race. Runners are running beside a pool of water. Their reflections are perfect in the water as they run by. No information with this picture.

Local takes a look at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Photograph shows a swordfish leaping out of the water.

Patrolman tries to calm Patricia Nolan, 22, after she and Charles Bero, 23, were rescued from beneath her wrecked car on the Van Wyck Expressway at 115th Ave., South Ozone Park, Queens. Suffering from shock, she remonstrated with cops investigating…

No information on the photograph. Group of people at some type of rally. The women are crying and holding up handbills with pictures of soldiers on them. Appear to be missing soldiers or perhaps men killed during the war.