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Alabama Governor, George Wallace, gestured strongly as he talked to a Negro newsman at a news conference in Indianapolis, April 15, 1964. Wallace was in Indianapolis during a state-wide campaign for the Democratic presidential primary.

An elderly red cross volunteer reads to an elderly woman. No information given with photograph.

A soldier of South Vietnam's army punishes a farmer who gave incorrect information about Communist, Viet Cong, guerrillas.

Soldier in South Vietnam's army uses end of bayonet to punish the Vietnamese farmer, at right, for supplying incorrect information about Communist Viet Cong guerrillas.

Woman carrying a suitcase and clothes cries as she watches her home burn.

Firemen carry a fire victim down a ladder.

Photographer says, 'The parents of Andrew Goodman of New York City break down as the body of their slain freedom fighter son Andrew is borne from cargo plane at Newark Airport. The body was flown from Mississippi grave site after Federal agents…

Street cleaner walking the street at dusk.

Portrait of Harry S. Truman.

A man trying to push a North Star Van & Storage truck.