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Seconds before this woman leaped to her death from a third-story window, this picture was taken. Convinced that she would not take her life, a policeman and a Times reporter had just left the scene.

The photographer's helicopter, hovering for a better angle, 'stole most of the show' in this soil conservation demonstration. Unorthadox flying made possible this unusual picture, which occupied nearly a full page inthe October 8, Star.

Eviction scene--suffering from illness, a mother sobs while her daughter sits outside the window.

Mr. Reiss came across this man sleeping on subway steps. He watched and photographed him for a half hour to record the varied reacitons of passers-by. Data, Evening in August 1947. New York, Avenue of the Americas.

Evicted from his apartment, this man with his dog sits forlornly under an umbrella. The rain pours down over his belongings, while posters proclaim the injustice of his homeless plight.

In this rare action photograph goalie Yaakow Chodorov, from Palestine, gives foes the 'bird' as he scares off All-Star scoring try at Yankee Stadium. Ballet number, right isn't to be sneezed at.

A mixed children's choir rehearses an annual candlelight Christmas service.

This picture, taken for Liberty, was planned as a lead shot for a story on Capezio ballet slippers.

Ultang spotted this farmer plowing 4,000 feet below. Ultang's problems as a pilot was a forty to fifty mile ground wind, waiting for the tractor to move away from the dark area, and 'parking the plane' in mid-air for the right position for the shot.

After being lost eight hours in woods near Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, three-year-old Louis Dunton, chilled and badly frightened, was found by bloodhounds.