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Series of photographs of a woman waiting for her husband to come home. Shows her watching for him anxiously, her expression when she finally sees him, and finally, greeting her husband.

Series of pictures showing an enlisted man returning home to his family and friends.

Group of soldiers marching. It appears to be some kind of parade. One soldier has turned his head and is watching the girls on the sideline instead of keeping his eyes straight ahead like every one else.

Russia's Andrei Vishinsky (second right) provided a lighter moment at the August 27 meeting of the United Nations.

No longer the tenant in the White House, the nation's former chief executive returned to his home in Independence, Missouri--Harry S. Truman enjoyed a freedom he hadn't had in more than seven years when he took an early Sunday morning walk by himself…

Harry S. Truman and his wife standing on the platform at the back of a train. A crowd is gathered and it appears that Mr. Truman is giving his farewell speech.

Attorney for the plaintiff. No information on the case.

Philadelphia lawyers. No information on the case.

Attorney for defense.

Young boy watching a model train as it goes around the track.