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Physiotherapist Claudia Wichern helps paralyzed Thanh-Thuy dress herself.

She cannot use her legs but she has found friends--among them a faithful cocker spaniel.

Napalm children at school in Peace Village in Germany.

Father Berghaus and his wife, Christel, comfort their Vietnamese son, 19-years-old Dieu. Dieu developed heart trouble after rocket attacks on the village in Mekong Delta.

Miss Claudia Wichern combs the hair of a child who wants to look her best on an outing.

Sixteen-year-old girl, Ngoyen Thi Van, is pictured at school with Vietnamese teacher, Van Thiet.

Little Tai, who walks with crutches, enjoys playing with a balloon at Peace House. Pham Thi Hong, 26, the secretary who comes from a little town near Saigon watches over Tai. Eighty war orphans live in Peace House, built in 1967 by father Fritz…

Scarred by napalm Thin Thi Van, 17, and his sister, Ngoyen Thi Van, 16, wear wigs to hide some of the scars on their young faces.

Mrs. Nancy Hutchinson, whose expression reflects the tragic events surrounding her, is lifted into the ambulance. Fire still rages which destroyed her home, claiming the lives of her two young sons.

Man walks away from what appears to be a small building destroyed when a car ran into it. No information is given with the photograph.