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This picture is the final photo of a series of a near-miss ladder rescue by a Boston, Massachuts firefighter. The woman and child were hurled to the ground when the fire escape on which they were standing collapsed while they were awaiting rescue…

A football team does some running on one of the few clear days in Southern California.

Free parking sign in front of pile of junked cars.

George McGovern and Fidel Castro eating ice cream cones.

Charlie Ledebuhr leads a dual existence. Six days a week, he is a regular student--long hair, in faded jeans. But if his classmates pass him on Thursdays, many never recognize him. He knows his ways must change however, when he goes to boot camp…

A parks department employee sweeps water off the track as the runners round turn in one mile race.

Spain's Manuel Orantes falls to his knees with his arms raised in victory moments after he crushed heavily-favored Jimmy Connors to win the Men's Singles U.S. Open Tennis Championship set title at Forest Hills.

Martina Navratilova is floored with ecstasy by her perfect passing shot which was out of reach of Chris Evert in the background.

Feature pictures of tattoo parlor show owner and customers.