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Group gathered around two women. One woman is obviously up. Title implies that these women are trying to communicate with a group of South Vietnamese and are having problems. No information available with photograph.

Series of photographs on skydiving.

Calypso singer in a restaurant or bar.

Black girl sitting alone at a school assembly.

Black student being jeered out by a white student. Crowd follows the black student as she walks toward the school.

Photograph of a black man being kicked by a white man.

Rider has jumped off his horse and is heading towards the calf he has just roped.

Photo taken from above Admiral Rickover as he stands on a ladder in a submarine nuclear reactor.

Man pulling a man who has drowned.

Nine duck hunters rescued after 8 hours on stormy lake. Rescue boat takes off toward duck blind where hunters are trapped. Waves roll in the storm-tossed lake as rescuers and hunters head for safety. Pilot of rescue skiff heaves tow rope to…