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Moments before the jury returned its verdict, Woodson's mother reminded him to be strong.

On the stand, Woodson demonstrated how the victim, John Bolden, allegedly choked and beat him. He said he fired in self defense.

The dazed suspect didn't realize that his attorney was greeting him during the four day homicide trial. Woodson claimed self defense, the district attorney asked for murder one.

The suspect collects his thoughts just before his homicide trial. While on bail, Woodson had resumed an anonymous life back in the slum, generally avoiding dealing with the problem.

Out on bail near his housing project home, Woodson says goodbye after visiting his son. The boy's mother, who was not married to Woodson, waits to take back custody of the child.

In their lawyer's unorthodox office, Woodson's parents try to figure out how to raise bail money. The electric chair replica was given to the attorney by a former client now doing life.

Locked in the back of a detectives sedan while police continued to search for evidence, Woodson now faced a legal system he knew nothing about.

The murder suspect is led away after the gun was found near a housing project, just where Rodney said he had hidden it.

Detective Terry Hediger recovers the 22 used in the shooting. Woodson fled the scene after the shooting and had turned himself in the next day.

Woodson stood shamefully as a police detective crawled to retrieve the 22 used in the killing. He had hidden the gun four days before and claimed to have been robbed and beaten before firing.