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An East German mother and child cross for the first time into West Germany at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

West Germans cheer their East German brothers and sisters who crossed for the first time through the Berlin Wall to the west at an opening at Potsdammer Platz.

An East German couple embraces after crossing through the wall into West Germany for the first time in their lives.

Thousands of Germans went to the Berlin Wall to wait for an opening to be made at the Brandenburg Gate.

Following an announcement by the East German government declaring the opening of the Berlin Wall and other political changes, thousands of Germans flocked to the wall to symbolically hammer holes in it.

An East German youth carries a poster of Mikhail Gorbachev during a demonstration in Leipzig, East Germany calling for the opening of the Berlin Wall and for reforms in the East German Communist Government.

Following the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian army, sympathetic to the overthrow, took over Republic Square in Bucharest.

Following the overthrow of Ceausescu, A Roumanian policeman checks Roumanians at a roadblock for evidence that would link them to having worked for the Ceausescu security police.

In celebration of Ceausescu's overthrow, Romanians cut out the communist party emblem from the Romanian National Flag.

A Roumanian family mourn the death of this child's father who had been killed by sniper fire coming from Ceausescu security police during the overthrow of the ex-dictator.