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Hayes then slides toward another car.

Hayes first slides into the side of the road.

Jason Hayes, 16, of Des Moines looses control of his vehicle on Interstate 235.

Haitians were overjoyed with the Aristide victory and feel it is an important moment in their dream for democracy. A hopeful first step away from the despair of the past.

A voter waits to vote at the Argentine School polling place, the site of the massacre in 1987 which derailed the elections. On the wall is a list of registered voters.

Voters line up at a polling place in the slum of La Saline. Haitians turned out in impressive numbers to vote, despite threats of violence.

Women pray at cathedral in downtown Port-au-Prince prior to election day.

A suspected Ton-Ton Macoute(Duvalier's despised secret police) was led away from an angry mob intent on killing him after he was found to have a gun at the funeral for victims of Macoute violence at an Aristide rally.

Relatives weep at a funeral for victims of violence at an Aristide rally. Six people were killed and many injured when a bomb and gunfire disrupted an Aristide rally. It was believed to have heen done by Duvalier Loyalists in order to intimidate…

The body of a woman believed to be killed by Macoutes army lies near the slum of La Saline after demonstrations there. People immediately made her into a martyr for Father Aristide, however, it was never confirmed if she had in fact been shot or…