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Bettor at the races studying the daily racing form.

Pass-catching pictures are not unusual, but this one--thanks to facial expressions, mid-air position, and the caressing tackle--is different. The picture was taken at Green Bay, Wisconsin, during a Packer-Cardinal game.

Picture shows John Strakalski of San Francisco, as he was tossed by Lou Sossaman of the Yankees.

After taking an overhead shot of the Sunday-morning fire, Mr. Kaste moved in for this close-up. Scantily clad victim, routed by the flames gives his version of the incident to rubber-clothed inspector.

Cave in of wall at one of the most spectacular fires in Chicago's history.

Flames leap high in this early-morning four-alarm fire at the Sun-Ray Feed Mills in Lexington. Fire Fighters and equipment are dramatically silhouetted against the garish light.

Here's the last scene in the last act of the little Guignol Theater, University of Kentucky. Entire west wing of structure was gutted by fire, which started from a carelessly thrown cigarette.

This picture was made during the great prairie fire which ravaged five hundred square miles of Dakota grass and wheat land north-east of Pierre. The lone white school, the barn and outhouses which look as though they are floating on a magic carpet,…

Made to illustrate, by contrast, a modern baby formula service, this was one of two pictures used as a layout showing old and new methods.

A shot which required split-second timing. 'Luck,' Mr. Rollins confesses, 'had a great part in the making of this picture. Photo shows horse nose diving after jumping a fence. Rider is still on horse back.