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Olympic Champion in l952 and world champ in l954, Stein Eriksen now heads the ski school at Heavenly Valley, Calif., and is one of the few men who can do a ski somersault. He claims to have invented it. 'I used to somersault out of the barn into a…

The stern section (rear) of the supertanker African Queen rests on sandbar while the bow floats free after vessel rammed the bar and broke in half in moderately rough sea yesterday. Forty-seven crewmen were on the stern as helicopters started rescue…

The death plunge of an oil tanker in the East River of New York City following a collision with a passing freighter.

A bannister with the shadow of someone standing on a stairway behind it.

Photograph of a classroom in Little Rock Central High.

Who's worried about integration? While governors and the Supreme Court debate the issues of integrating the races in the public schools the children themselves reflect the absence of prejudices and tensions. This unposed picture taken by a cameraman…

Photograph of the face of a seal.

Pictures show children on playground equipment, washing hands in a bowl, walking to the outhouse and riding a bike down a country road.

Pictures show a child reciting to a teacher, a portrait of a child, lunch boxes in a row and a detail of a boys shoes.

Pictures show all the students standing on the steps of the schoolhouse while the American flag is being raised. Second and third photographs show a teacher at her desk and students listening to the teacher.